Chia – I Miss U


With only 2 days to make the full production, we were able to put together this video of the song «I Miss U».

Located in the northern area of Buenos Aires and in 2 different locations, we put together the script and subsequent production of the second track of this artist that sweeps the social networks.

Video & Photography

  • Sony a7iii

  • DJI Ronin SC

  • DJI Mavic Pro

  • Sony Lens

I Miss U

  • Lyrics and Music: Chia

  • Music Production: Nicolás Ottavianelli

  • Video Director: Cami Radri

Chia is a young music artist. Her songs are based on his own life experiences with love, heartbreak, friends, family, fun, sadness and thousands of ups and downs of emotions.
Also she’s an influencer with 68.500 followers in «TikTok» and 14.700 followers in «Instagram»

Film & Shooting

Filming and shooting is something I love and have fun doing… and it shows in the results.

Video & Sound Editor

Work with Premiere Pro for video and Pro Tools for sound. I also have my own sound studio for recordings.

Content Creator

New technologies force us to be updated day by day adapting our contents to different formats and platforms.