Sáenz Valiente Bullrich – Auction of Cows and Bulls

Hired by the company Saenz Valiente Bullrich, I had to do the filming and subsequent video editing of the auction.

I also had to do the official photography of the event that took place, for the last time, at the Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers.

Next year it will be at the new Mercado de Hacienda de Cañuelas, in the province of Buenos Aires..


  • 2 Video Cameras

  • 1 Drone

  • 1 Photo

  • Last auction of the 2021

Sáenz Valiente Bullrich – Last auction in Liniers

Photography of the Event

Film & Shooting

Filming and shooting is something I love and have fun doing… and it shows in the results.

Video editing

Work with Premiere Pro for video and Pro Tools for sound. I also have my own sound studio for recordings.

Content Creator

New technologies force us to be updated day by day adapting our contents to different formats and platforms.