Sumitate SAB MTB – Puerto Esperanza, Misiones

Hired by the team, I went 4 days to Puerto Esperanza, in Misiones, to film and photograph the 3 outings on rural roads, morning, afternoon and night.

Camera in hand and drone in the air to capture every cyclist, every contrast and every situation.


  • Camera Sony a7iii

  • Drone Mavic 2 Pro

  • Sony Lens 70-200 f2.8 — 28 mm f2

  • GoPro Hero 4

4 days in a rural trip

Film & Shooting

Filming and shooting is something I love and have fun doing… and it shows in the results.

Video editing

Work with Premiere Pro for video and Pro Tools for sound. I also have my own sound studio for recordings.

Content Creator

New technologies force us to be updated day by day adapting our contents to different formats and platforms.