Trekking de la Nubes – Salta

Hired by the company «Expediciones Fotográficas», I went to Salta to enjoy, photograph and film for 6 days on the cloud trek.

We traveled 71 km in the middle of the mountain, reaching 3,600 meters above sea level.

Spend 4 nights in a tent accompanying the 22 travelers trying to reflect the experience of the Inca Trail, a historic place in northern Argentina.

Video & Photography

  • Sony a7iii

  • DJI Mavic Pro

  • Sony Lens (28 mm – 35 mm – 50 mm – 90 mm Macro)

Nights & Altitude

  • First night: meters above sea level.

  • Second night: meters above sea level.

  • Third night: meters above sea level.

  • Fourth night: meters above sea level.

Film & Shooting

Filming and shooting is something I love and have fun doing… and it shows in the results.

Video editing

Work with premiere pro for video and pro tools for sound. I also have my own sound studio for recordings.

Content Creator

New technologies force us to be updated day by day adapting our contents to different formats and platforms.